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Dedicated to all Crash Fire Rescue personnel, May you long remember Hotspot Duty. I envision this as a place where Crash crewmen of all services can do the following

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About the Author! The author is a career Fire Captain/Paramedic with the Rockingham County(VA) Department of Fire and Rescue. I am now currently the Career Station Captain for Personnel assigned to Grottoes. I am a member of the local and state regional hazmat teams. I also am a State of VA Adjunct fire instructor, enough said about that, now for the real information.

MARINE CORPS duty! I enlisted at age 17 before my senior year in high school. I left for boot camp(Parris Island-isn't that where all the real marines come from)( ;) ) 7 days after graduation from high school, June 1979. I was assigned to platoon 2043 and graduated boot camp on Sept 7 1979. From there it was on to NAS Millington TN, where I was scheduled to be trained for Air Traffic Control(good thing for pilots the class had a 8 month backlog). I was then send to AV-MAC-Q school, something to do with repairing the air traffic control equipment. With a little information(from sources who shall remain nameless) I found out how to get into the Crash Fire Rescue school on base. Best decision I ever made in the Marines. I started the class in Nov. 79 and we completed the class in Dec. 79. From there it was on to MCAS Cherry Point Dec 79 to Sept 80, then to MCAS Iwakuni(with a deployment to Team Spirit 81 in Yeachon Korea thrown in) Sept 80 to Sept 81, then to MCAS(H) New River N.C. to complete my tour of duty. I got out of the Corps on 18 June 1983.

I can honestly say that what I learned in the Marine Corps, both discipline and training wise has greatly aided me in all my endeavor's and has helped me tolerate the petty BS in my current job. So to all Marine's that read this SEMPER FI !

I also pulled 3 1/2 years in the Virginia Air National Guard Fire Department at Byrd Airport at Richmond Va from 1988 to May 1991 and was sent to England Air Force Base(home of the shark mouthed A-10's} in Alexandria Louisania during Desert Storm

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